Jon Clemons
Product Marketer & Growth Expert

Jon Clemons is a Tokyo, Japan-based marketer and entrepreneur, fluent in Japanese. In his free time he enjoys the great outdoors.


I was raised in digital marketing, beginning my career in a startup during high school called where I developed an internal CRM webapp for the sales team. Since then I’ve worked for startups large (Groupon) and small (Innovative Language Learning); consulted for Japan’s most respected businesses (e.g. Sankei, Rakuten, NHK); and worked at Google, driving more revenue and new SMB advertisers via digital channels than ever before, for the entire APAC region (15+ countries such as China, Japan, India and Australia).


Outside of being a founder, I've always acted as a sort of entrepreneur in residence wherever I've worked, taking ownership over any project. I started as one of the first 10 employees for Innovative Language & YadaBuy where I led multiple efforts simultaneously from customer support to product marketing to sysadmin. Wearing multiple hats comes second nature to me. Meanwhile at Groupon I rebooted entire programs and launched new markets as part of the international management team, resulting in acquisition (KR) and continued market leading position (JP).

Currently I've founded an influencer marketing tool called Hypetrack that helps advertisers measure the ROI of their campaigns. Our one focus right now is to make Youtube unboxing campaigns easy to plan, run, analyze and report.

Japanese Proficiency

I’ve passed the highest level (N1) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and scored in the top tier of the Business Japanese Test (BJT). I’ve used Japanese in my daily life since 2007, speaking it daily in business and comfortably reading and writing too.

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